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Pieces of Eight Pirate Cruise of Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Fun cruise for the whole family in Ft. Myers Beach, FloridaWelcome aboard the Pieces of Eight, a magnificent 65ft replica Spanish galleon pirate ship pillaging and plundering the Gulf of Mexico from the shores of Fort Myers Beach.

Pieces of Eight, an authentic pirate themed cruise is looking for buccaneers young and old to experience a real-life pirate voyage back through the Golden Age of Piracy. You are guaranteed to have a jolly roger of a good time on this "fun for all ages" attraction. Let our friendly and sometimes downright scurvy crew of costumed pirates entertain you while enjoying a sail around the area’s intracoastal islands and pristine beaches.

Sir Sparrow

Your "Lil Pirates" will enjoy face painting, interactive pirate history, games, a limbo dance party and aye matey's, secret maps and treasure! Parents, sit back, relax and enjoy watching your child's excitement and secretly go back to childhood yourselves while enjoying a little pirate grog & grub. "Seasoned Seadogs" or grown-up pirates might enjoy our adult only or private charter cruises sure to bring out the pirate in you. The Pieces of Eight pirates are always looking to sign new crew to the account with piratical fun, music and merriment, and a full bar.

Do you have a little pirate in you?
Well then join us! A good time is to be had by all aboard ye ole' Pieces of Eight Pirate Cruise.

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